About Me:

Returning to the Vaal after living in a remote mining town in the Northern Cape sparked a desire in me to contribute to the community in which I grew up. The best way I could think to do this is through combining my tertiary studies, post graduate training, passion for motherhood/parenting, and life experience of being a young mother to children with higher support needs, to offer a service to those in need of support. Support in a safe, judgement free space. I am what people call a continuous student, I have an undergraduate degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch, an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of South Africa, I am always doing short courses/certifications, and will continue my formal studies until I have satisfied the constant hunger for more knowledge about the human brain, mind, soul, and psyche.

Support we provide:


Flourishing Mother

  • Mothers are severely underserved, under-supported, and overwhelmed. Our society no longer provides the village that a mom and baby/child need to thrive. Now, it is up to moms to build the village themselves. That’s where we come in, we form a part of the village by supporting mothers through every stage of parenthood. It is important for mothers to take care of themselves before being able to take care of their household. It works like on an airplane where parents are instructed to put on their own oxygen mask before assisting their child. Working on your own wellbeing will allow you to be the best mother you can be. If mom is flourishing her baby can flourish. We offer:
  • - Prenatal support, education, and planning 

    - Working through birth trauma/processing birth 

    - Postpartum emotional support and screening 

    - Attachment and bonding guidance 

    - Postpartum anxiety support


Flourishing Couple

  • Every stage of life presents new challenges and opportunities for couples. Your relationship doesn’t need to be failing for you to benefit from couple therapy. In fact, getting to know your partner better at any stage of your relationship will benefit your relationship in the long run. Expecting and having a baby can take a toll on any couple, as can each new stage of parenthood. For that reason it is important for mom and dad to take some time to focus on each other and the relationship. We equip couples with tools and information they can use for the rest of their lives. By making use of an improved IMAGO we offer:
  • - A pre-marital counselling course (12 weeks) 
     - A Relationship enhancement course 
    (12 weeks) 
    - Continued couple support

Flourishing Family

  • We have a variety of services that can benefit each member of a family. For the little ones we do intervention through play to support them through transitions, equip them in their emotional development, and enhance their social skills. For the tweens/teens we offer support in terms of studying and future planning (Flourishing Student will be launching soon). Parents can make use of our individual counselling services, couple services, parental guidance & support, or family therapy. We equip parents to parent their children with confidence, respect, love, and understanding. We offer:
  • - Intervention through play 
    - Socio-emotional skills development 
    - Individual counselling 
    - Family counselling 
    - Remedial support 
    - Study methods workshops 
    - Future planning (Studies/career) 
    - Parenting guidance & support